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React Native Ecosystem 2022-23

What is React Native?

React Native is an open source and popular javascript based mobile app development framework created by Meta Platforms, Inc. This framework allows the design of cross-platform apps using javascript. As React Native is a Javascript library used for frontend development, it allows the use native UI controls and everything in the native platform, so it is called a React Native. 

React Native executes JavaScript code in a separate thread, thus the user interface does not block and the animations must be smooth. React native is fast and offers a native appearance on iOS and Android platforms.

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are based on a React Native framework, which makes it possible to reuse at least 97% of the code for their Android and iOS app development. React native facilitates application development and native deployment on multiple mobile platforms.

React Native Ecosystem

Use of React Native

React Native is best for mobile applications. It provides a flexible and reactive UI, while greatly reducing load time. The big companies like Walmart, Tesla, Microsoft use React Native. React Native is much faster and less expensive to build applications on multiple platforms like iOS, Android, macOS, web, and other web applications without compromising on quality and features. React Native is building traction and expanding community support and market share. It is more and more easy to code excellent applications with React Native and reduces development and deployment time.

How Facebook invented React Native?

Facebook developed React Native in 2013 for its in-house Hackathon project and was presented on 26 March 2015 by Facebook. In the beginning, Facebook created React, but they had trouble with mobile apps because they needed to maintain two separate databases of code for iOS and Android app development. This is where React Native comes from based on Javascript which makes it possible to create code once and deploy it on Android and iOS.

The React Native Ecosystem - How does it work?

1. BoilerPlates and UI Frameworks

React Native Boilerplate is a code that lets you start developing with no hassle. This allows iteration of the project code manually. React Native app developers can implement code templates instead of coding right away, to save time. React Native Boilerplates are Easy to use, scalable, and lightweight. React Native BoilerPlates and UI Frameworks includes-

React Native Ecosystem - How it works

•   React Native Elements

React Native Elements is a cross-platform React Native UI tool used for React Native projects to bring together many of the best open-source user interface elements made by React Native app developers using JavaScript.

•   React Native UI kitten

UI Kitten is an open-source UI framework that allows you to create eye-catching and fabulous multi-brand cross-platform mobile applications with dark or bright themes and customizable components.

•   Native Base

Native Base is an accessible open source framework that helps to build consistent UI on a single javascript code base for the android, iOS, and web. It provides a local ecosystem in which native applications can be built.

•   React Hooks

React Hooks are the simple javascript functions and new edition in react 16.8. It is used to isolate reusable parts and life-cycle characteristics of operational components.

•   Router flux/Navigation

Router flux or react native navigation is used for browsing and communicating easily between different screens. It runs on navigation tools to implement navigational features.

•   React native paper

React Native Paper is a standard-compliant, customizable, production-ready library of materials for React Native. It allows you to create attractive interfaces for mobile and web applications. It is robust, fast and responsive.

2. Databases

React Native Database storage installation that offers many options for forming dynamic storage of local databases. React Native app developers must have a sense of the database that will suit their needs for the project. based on several factors like complexity of the data, memory management, offline data synchronisation, data count, etc. Some databases are -


•   Expo SQ lite

It is an open source SQL database which is used to store data in a text file on the device and gives you app access to a database that is persisted through your application reboots and supports transactions.

•   Couchbase lite

Couchbase Lite is a NoSQL database with embedded sync functionality for iOS app development, Android app development, and .Net platforms. Couchbase is used for all-purpose, scalability, and constant high performance when necessary for applications.

•   Realm

Realm is a mobile app development platform and an excellent alternative for SQLite. It is an object-oriented, responsive database that enables development using JavaScript and TypeScript languages. Realm is a specific security policy field for a Web server or application. The storage limit for Realm at this time is 16 MB. You may store larger than that by dividing it into multiple fields.

•   PouchDB

PouchDB serves for storing data on the JSON platform. Javascript API makes it possible to create, read, update and remove PouchDB data. It is a database in the navigator that stores the information locally. This is an advantage for users that they can use it offline.

3. Debugging tools

Debugging is the most important step in the application development process. Thanks to debugging tools, we know what is right and what isn't, what works and what doesn't. Debugging allows code evaluation and troubleshooting before production. List of some debugging tools are-

Debugging Tools

•   Google chrome developer tools

The Google chrome developer tool is the first react native debugging tool used to create fast websites and quickly diagnose issues and changes in real-time on web pages. It provides you with the ability to inspect React component hierarchies.

•   RN firebase

It connects to firebase services by collecting official react native modules. Each module in RN firebase is a lightweight layer of javascript that connects native firebase on both the platform iOS and android.

•   Flipper

Flipper provides features like visualising, inspecting, and controlling your apps from a simple desktop interface. It is a great and highly scalable tool for Android, iOS, and other React native apps.

4. Testing tools/Libraries

Testing tools are also an important part of product design. These tools help to test web applications before launching them on the market. Some testing tools are -

•   Enzyme

The Enzyme tool allows you to better test the output of your react components. The enzyme provides a mechanism for setting up and traversing the component shafts. It has two basic features for mounting components, namely shallow and mount.

•   Mocha

Mocha is a functionality-rich JavaScript test frame that runs on node.js. It makes it easy to use and set up tools and keep tests up to date. In Mocha, tests are executed automatically every time a code is changed.

•   Bridge

Bridge is a react native testing tool that lets you test the code with excellence. This tool executes JS code of your app into nodeJS and automates without digging into the code.

5. Backend services

The back-end is careful to obtain or update the data in our application and it is hidden from the user. The React Native Ecosystem involves several back-end services that promise to improve your application's overall functionality. Examples of Backend Services are -

•   Baqend

Baqend is the fastest growing platform performing backend as a service to build exceptional apps. This platform uses Redux for state containers.

•   Firebase

Firebase is a popular backend as a service platform that works great for web and mobile applications. It provides detailed documentation and cross platform SDK’s to create apps on Android, iOS, web and other platforms.

•   AWS

AWS helps to create high-quality applications on a flexible, scalable, and reliable server-free back-end in react native development.

6. Authentication


•   Auth0

Easy authentication to react native including identity management, multi-factor authentication, social connection and more. This is a flexible solution that minimises costs, time and risk while creating your own solution.

•   Firebase Authentication

Firebase Authentication used to protect and facilitate the authentication system. It provides an end-to-end authentication solution. It supports authentication using password, phone no., google login and other social media login.

7. Augmented Reality in React native

Augmented Reality

•   Augment Player SDK

Augment created an AR SDK to integrate into your application to get AR capabilities on both Android and iOS platforms. The test requires a real machine.

•   Expo AR

React Native app developers can create AR scenes using javascript and three .js libraries for iOS app development with the help of API of Expo AR.

•   Argon

Argon.js has been designed to make it easier to experience augmented reality on web browsers. Argon react native entirely based upon an Argon design system.

React Native Ecosystem benefits/advantages

By making use of the React Native ecosystem, app users can get following benefits-

•  Animation
•  Cross-platform compatibility
•  Motion
•  Live updates
•  Short development period
•  Improved user interface and UX
•  Code-reusability
•  Modular architecture


The React Native ecosystem is vast and expanding every day. Not likely to expire very soon. For your simple and straightforward project interface and to develop for a single platform then React Native is a perfect choice in your limited budget.

Being a React Native app development company, we leverage the power of React Native to drive enterprise-wide digital transformation and build all-purpose and stunning JavaScript apps that work across Android and iOS platforms. Increase your vision with our team of talented professional react native app developers. Our React Native app developers make custom React Native app solutions. We may be your partner for React Native app development services.

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