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Node js – First choice for blockchain
based gaming apps

Development with node jS is fast and can work on multiple connections simultaneously. This technology is supported by millions of professional developers and offers an excellent user experience. It has a huge module library. Node js also enhance flexibility and scalability. According to Jeff Harrell, Node JS developers used 33% less code in mobile app development and web app development to deliver results like other coding languages.

What is Node js?

In order to run web applications or mobile applications outside of the client's browser, Node.js is an open-source, event-driven runtime environment for JavaScript. Programmers are able to create command-line programs and server-side scripts using cross platform framework in node.js.

It is utilised to create scalable networking and server-side applications. It facilitates event-driven and asynchronous programming, which expedites the creation of apps.

Node.js frameworks

Best Node.js frameworks

A unique use case in the mobile app development lifecycle is supported by each of the many frameworks offered by the various sorts of mobile application technologies. There are three types of Node.js frameworks that are listed below.

1. MVC frameworks

An effective design pattern that divides application logic into view, controllers, and models is provided by model-view-controller (MVC) frameworks.The separation of development concerns makes scaling and maintaining the programme relatively easy. Some well-known MVC framework examples include Express.js, Angular.js, and React.

2. Full-stack MVC frameworks

The template engines, Frameworks and libraries and other development tools that Full-Stack MVC frameworks provide are quite helpful for creating a real-time app. They also have the ability to handle the front- and back-end development.

3. Representational state transfer (REST) API frameworks

Node.js frameworks have a solid foundation for building apps more quickly thanks to REST API developed experience. Therefore, there is no need to be concerned with the architectural designs of network applications. With a ready programming interface, these frameworks significantly reduce development time.

What makes Node.js a game changing technology?

It was created for the first time in 2009. One way to think of Node.js is as a runtime environment that allows for server-side execution of JavaScript. Many successful businesses today, including Walmart, GoDaddy, Netflix, eBay, Yahoo, PayPal, Linkedin, and NASA, use Node.js to build their apps.

Node js frameworks1

1. Representational state transfer (REST) API frameworks

The complete lack of conflicts in Node.js allows developers to build programmes from scratch. One of Node.js opponents in the framework market is Ruby on Rails. Developers may use the platform in a variety of ways thanks to both of them. Node.js gives developers far more freedom and space to master their particular software services than Ruby on Rails, which imposes a predefined set of rules and norms for blockchain-based game app development objectives.

2. JavaScript is the industry standard

Node.js can fix any incompatibilities and work with a variety of operating systems. When compared to other languages, JavaScript performs better and is just awesome. Less human mistake is possible if Node.js is used as the back-end framework for app development. If you want to develop various applications then one of the most popular programming languages you must consider is JavaScript because it now enables developers to create server-side apps. It will be a genius decision.

3. Benefits of a Single Codebase

A blockchain app development company's approach to providing custom blockchain-based mobile app development services has surely undergone a revolution because In the area of mobile app development, Node.js is giving programmers the ability to frame JavaScript writing for both the client-side and server-side. Thus, transferring and synchronising data between the two sides will take less time for developers.

4. Node.js Helps Big Brands Succeed

Many businesses choose to take use of the potential of practically every modern technology currently on the market. According to sources, huge, well-known firms like Walmart, GoDaddy, Netflix, eBay, Yahoo, PayPal, Linkedin, and NASA adopted node.js when it was still relatively young. These companies witnessed a significant boost in their own mobile traffic as a result.

5. It is run on Google Chrome

The bar for outstanding performance and efficiency is established by the fact that Node.js is affiliated with Google. The Node.js-based backend is powered by Google's V8 engine. Node.js can do operations on the front and back ends that JavaScript in Google Chrome can. By combining the Google developer tools with the Node.js debugging functionality, developers may avoid a variety of issues on both ends.


Due to its success, Node.js is trusted by numerous businesses. Employ Node.js into your blockchain-based gaming apps to fulfil your demands and expectations if you're interested in using node.js to build your app or if there are problems with the current platform that node.js can fix. Utilizing node JS, create your own blockchain-based game application while receiving expert advice from the top mobile app development company which provides mobile app development services.

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