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Mean Stack is an open-source and free JavaScript technology stack for web app and mobile app development. We at Katchin Tech, Mean stack development company build innovative, attractive, advanced, and interactive web applications. We offer Mean stack development solutions to our client's needs. Our competent Mean stack developers who are well experienced in MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node.js can create successful applications for clients' businesses. We focus on client satisfaction. Our agile Mean stack development services reduce the development time to launch your product in the market soon.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Mean stack is a popular full-stack framework and Full stack is a group of programming languages and tools.

Mean stack is popular because the same language has to be used for front-end and back-end development

As it is easy to switch from client side to server side, offers many benefits like scalability, high performance and flexibility.

Yes. It is free and open source built in javascript.

Yes. We support all the project we undertaken.

We guarantee that you will get more than expected. Our team is highly experienced and will help you to reduce the overall load of your project and perfect consult.