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Blockchain is changing the world of Digital Marketing Industry

For every industry Blockchain technology is the need of the present day, The impact of Blockchain is in every area of activity, including marketing industries. Blockchain technology in digital marketing is beneficial to achieve key marketing objectives such as fraud suppression and brand recognition. The blockchain in digital marketing supports transparency and data protection in the needs of customers. Read this blog carefully to understand the role of blockchain technology in the digital marketing industry.

What is blockchain in digital marketing?

In simple and concise terms, blockchain in digital marketing means reducing intermediaries and creating direct communication between customers and brands.

Blockchain marketing is an innovative approach to digital marketing based on blockchain technology. Blockchain is a distributed database for seamless and proof of transactions. This makes an ideal tool for marketing, from which companies can track the movement of data and make sure it's accurate.

Blockchain in digital marketing makes businesses more responsive, innovative when it comes to marketing campaigns. Using blockchain technology in digital marketing, marketers or digital marketing agencies can collect and use the data of customers, and manage ads. By avoiding the social media platforms like facebook and instagram, it can give businesses direct access to customers.

How is blockchain changing Digital marketing?

Benefits of blockchain in digital marketing

Blockchain technology in digital marketing can make businesses even bigger than AI and analytics make businesses big.

Nowadays, Each industry is interested in getting the full advantage of blockchain technology. According to research reports, by 2023 blockchain technology spending will increase to $15.9 billion.

Using things like exit intent popups is the future of blockchain technology in digital marketing that builds more sales and trust among customers. This is a technique used to place visitors on websites and online stores that are about to leave.

Following are some other benefits of blockchain in digital marketing -

1. Blockchain enhances transparency and trust

With a centralised customer-managed database, it's almost impossible to know what the business is doing with your data, how and with whom it's being shared. Blockchain can demonstrate to its customers how corporate advertising efforts use their data.

2. Blockchain minimises advertising scams

The big companies that spend on advertising have lost 20% of their budgets in digital advertising scams and are now looking for restrictions and security. Blockchain is useful here to protect against fraudsters through user verification. This means it's easy to track who clicks on and communicates to ads.

3. Blockchain ensures safety and protection

By using smart contracts, digital agencies can establish greater trust in customers and protect their data and privacy. It verifies, records and encrypts all blockchain transactions and also creates backups and duplicates.

4. Keyword consistency

Google algorithms are always changing. It is difficult to track keywords across different devices because your target audience is using different devices. Using blockchain in this case, you can track true keywords and keyword locations for any devices and placements. As a result, businesses can create an accurate campaign.

5. True and Quality leads

Blockchain helps marketers find the right source for data collection. Customers who are already interested in your products / services will agree to share their data. Therefore, it will be easier for the marketer to get quality leads and conversions.

Blockchain Technology is the future

Blockchain technology is changing the way of digital marketers and also providing new opportunities for small businesses. Blockchain's security, transparency, and convenience will change how companies conduct business online.

If you think blockchain is a new technology but large organisations are already adopting it to improve processing and security. We always read about cyber security hacks. Unfortunately, the marketing industry can understand that because it is facing advertising fraud. Blockchain is therefore an excellent way of increasing customer confidence, confidentiality and fraud. Blockchain offers a vision for a safer and more trusted digital experience.

If you belong to the marketing industry and are searching for the blockchain development services for your business or agency to implement blockchain in digital marketing contact us at Katchin Tech. We are experts in these services which can increase your sales and add value to your business.

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