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Augmented Reality App Development

Businesses are incorporating new technologies to offer a user experience like never before, and Augmented Reality apps have a crucial role! Undoubtedly, Augmented Reality app development holds the potential to transform the face of your business and help it deliver efficiency, improved performance, and creativity at its best!

Augmented Reality Technology and Its Mechanisms!

AR is a cutting-edge technology that offers a unique experience by amalgamating the real-world environment with a digital overlay. In the current scenario, there are many successful Augmented Reality apps which have stirred the world with the innovation that is expanding rapidly in every business space. The best part is that AR doesn’t require any additional hardware! In fact, these applications work tremendously with the help of a smartphone’s camera.

Augmented Reality Mechanism
Katchin Tech and AR Apps: A Perfect Match!

Katchin Tech and AR Apps: A Perfect Match!

AR applications are stirring the world with their innovation, and businesses are rapidly grabbing the opportunity upon realising the same. Undoubtedly, it is an evolving tech but can be complicated for app development.

Stop scratching your head!

KatchinTech- one of the leading AR app development companies in the USA, Canada, UK, and UAE, has got you covered!

Our specialty?

Location Based AR

Location-Based AR

Location-based AR applications utilise location features like GPS, compass, etc., to collect the relevant data. Further, the data is displayed on the smartphone screen for consumption!

Superimposition-Based AR

Superimposition-Based AR

These AR apps are known for object recognition that replaces the augmented image with the real image.

Marker-Based AR

Marker-Based AR

The marker-based AR apps use the smartphone’s camera to enable face recognition or identify other content in the real world.

AR Kit Used by Our Experts for AR app development!


We utilise Google’s latest Augmented Reality platform ARCore that contributes to develop engaging AR apps, including interactive maps, shopping applications, and more.



Metaio is entirely supported by iOS, Android, Windows, and Flash for building fast app solutions! In addition, it is incorporated with numerous graphical models that complement any business environment and design.



Our brood of AR professionals utilises Vuforia for developing an enhanced AR mobile app experience that adds to the adventure.

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